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Let us assist with your sizing & selection process.


Whether you are a small operator or large EPCM, our extensive knowledge of pressure safety & lasting valving industry experience will ensure that your requirements are timely met to the highest level of quality.



Our Process

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Local Expertise

Our Australian-based Technical Sales team boasts over 40 years of valving and general industry knowledge, allowing for accurate and rapid responses to your important technical queries.

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Industry Centric Solutions

We take an application based approach for the sizing and selection of your valving requirements. Our valve recommendations are tailored to your application requirements and industry based practices.

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Rapid Procurement

We stock an extensive range of valves, readily available for next day delivery. Not in stock? We can offer rapid procurement options from our partner pressure relief valve manufacturers.

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Ongoing Support

We understand technical support doesn’t end at valve purchase, as such we strive to provide actionable after-market support on all your valve purchases.

Our Services

We provide a wide array of services, strategically designed to offer the best in pressure system safety and performance. We also specialise in the servicing & testing of Safety Relief Valves.

Our service offering includes…

  • Safety & Relief Valve Technical Support

    Our extensive knowledge in safety and relief valves, accrued through partnerships with top pressure relief valve manufacturers and safety valve manufacturers, allows us to offer technical support that is both reliable and efficient. We swiftly diagnose issues and provide flexible servicing options to get your equipment back in service without delay.

  • Valve Repair/Overhaul and Testing Services

    Our comprehensive valve servicing and overhaul process is designed to maintain the optimal functionality of your pressure relief and safety valves. We employ a meticulous approach, including collecting all relevant safety valve information, offering downloadable valve request repair forms, and providing a simple process for form submission.

  • LARC Approved (LESER Authorised Repair Center) for LESER brand of products

    As a LESER Authorised Repair Center (LARC), we are part of a worldwide network that ensures competent maintenance, servicing, and repair of your LESER brand safety valves. We are LESER trained and qualified in the specific servicing of various LESER product groups, ensuring that your valves are in the most capable hands.

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About Us


Pressure Systems P/L is a wholly owned Australian company specialising in the supply of pressure relief and pressure regulating products for the protection against overpressure for vital services such as steam, air, gases, process fluids, pressure vessels and pipelines.

For over 40 years Pressure Systems P/L have been supplying quality and dependable products for the Petrochemical, Power Generation, Oil and Gas, LNG, Water-treatment, Waste-water, Desalination plant, Pulp and Paper, Boiler Manufacturers, Mining and other HVAC and general industries.

We are importers, assemblers, testers, stockists, and distributors of threaded and flanged safety relief valves, bursting discs, flame and detonation arresters, pressure/vacuum valves, emergency relief vents, flow metres & choke valves. Our partnership with the best pressure relief valve manufacturers and safety valve manufacturers cement our reputation as your go-to for pressure relief and regulating products.