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About Us

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Pressure Systems P/L is a wholly owned Australian company specialising in the supply of pressure safety and bursting discs for the protection against overpressure for vital services such as steam, air, gases, process fluids, pressure vessels and pipelines.

For over 40 years Pressure Systems has been supplying quality and dependable products for the Petrochemical, Power Generation, Oil and Gas, LNG, Water-treatment, Waste-water, Desalination plant, Pulp and Paper industry, Boiler manufacturers, OEMs, Technical gases, Mining, Food & Beverage Industries, Pharmaceutical industries, Tank and Pressure Vessels manufacturers and other HVAC industries.

Pressure Systems is an importer, assembler, stockist and distributor of:

  • LESER GmbH     -Safety and Relief Valves (Conventional, Bellows and Pilot operated)
  • AQUATROL Inc. – Safety and Relief Valves in bronze and brass construction
  • KSPC – Flame and Detonation Arresters, Emergency Vent Cover and Breather Valves.
  • HEROSE GmbH – Bronze & Brass Air Relief Valves
  • Gerhard GOETZE – Safety Valves , Pressure Reducing Valves and Overflow Valves
  • TAYLOR VALVE TECHNOLOGY – High Pressure Safety Valves, Choke Valves & Instrumentation.
  • Blue-White – Liquid Level Gauges & Instrumentation