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LESER Series 320 Flow Change-Over Valve

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LESER Series 320 Flow Change-Over Valve

Inlet Sizes

DN 25 - DN 400 | 1'' - 16''

Flange Ratings

PN 10 - PN 250 | CL150 - CL1500

Body Materials:

Further on request


DGRL 2014/68/EU, TR-CU 010, TR-CU 032

  • Applications

    One remarkable aspect of the LESER Change-over Valve is its flexibility. Its adaptable design and availability in a full range of sizes and pressure ratings make it the best solution for a high variety of plant conditions. The range of industries includes chemical and petrochemical as well as oil and gas or technical gas processing. Within these industries, our Change-over Valve perfectly adapts to processes and applications such as:

    • Refinery processes
    • Refrigeration plants
    • CO2-cooling
    • Tank storage
    • And many more
  • Features

    Type 320 Flow:
    Best fit for your pressure drop requirements

    Planned or unplanned safety valve maintenance at crucial processes that are protected by only a single safety device requires a costly complete shutdown. To ensure continuous and safe plant operation, a spare relief valve installation is essential. LESER’s answer to this challenge is our new Change-over Valve, ensuring safe 24/7 plant availability. We developed this new solution by conducting both extensive flow testing and CFD simulations. The resulting design is flow-optimised, ensuring minimal pressure drop. Our Type 320 and 330 provide the perfect solution for different pressure drop requirements. Each configuration of our Change-over Valve has a defined resistance coefficient, allowing for a reliable and precise calculation of the inlet pressure drop.

    Our new product is easy to operate, permanently securing the safety of the plant in combination with our safety valves. The durable design ensures that the new Change-over Valves are maintenance-free, proven in lifecycle tests with 1,000 changeovers. In addition, LESER’s unique ability to combine bigger and smaller-sized Change-over Valves without the need for any reducers, weldings or pipings, offers the most economical solution. We provide our customers with precise dimensions for the whole combination, making planning processes easy and efficient. Our customers benefit from a complete, optimised combination provided by one supplier with fast availability. LESER’s Changeover Valves, combined with our safety valves, are the most economical solution for safe and efficient plant availability – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Your benefits at a glance

    ✓ Fast availability
    ✓ Safe operation 24/7
    ✓ Most economical solution
    ✓ Easy planning and selection
    ✓ Complete, optimised combination from one supplier

  • Options

    The LESER Type 320 is highly customizable to suit your plant needs. Options include:

    • Chain-wheel lockable configuration
    • Hand-Wheel locking
    • Piping Side Inlet Size Extensions
    • Pressure Balancing
    • Remote Sensing (POSV Inlet Body)
    • Proxmity Switch
    • Needle Valves
    • NACE Material Certification
    • Oil & Grease Free Version
    • Pickled Version
    • Stellited Seating & Disc
    • RTJ Flange Facing
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