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Safety & Pressure Relief Valves


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LESER Series 484 Clean Service Safety Relief Valve

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LESER Series 484 Clean Service Safety Relief Valve

Inlet Size

DN 25 - DN 40 | 1'' - 2''

Pressure Ratings

0.1 - 16 bar | 1.5 - 232 psig


-45 to 250 °C | -49 to 482 °F


PED/ DIN EN ISO 4126-1, PED/ AD 2000-Merkblatt A2, ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1, CRN, AQSIQ, EAC

  • Applications

    LESER – Clean Service Safety Valves

    Safety valve for small to medium capacities and a low dead space ratio through a weldable vessel connection.

    • Breweries and beverage
    • Pharmaceutical industry


  • Features

    LESER´s Clean Service Safety Valves offer a large variety of types, materials and options to suit any application:

    Scope of design

    • Valve size d0 13 mm & d0 25mm
    • Materials: 1.4404 / 316L, 1.4435 / 316L stainless steel as a standard
    • Standard soft seat for superior tightness
    • Packed knob, packed lifting lever, gastight cap or pneumatic lifting devic

    No bacteria traps or contamination due to

    • Minimum dead space design and flushmounting capability
    • Wetted-part surfaces in compliance with European Hygienic Pipes Standard DIN 11866 and ASME BPE
    • Gap and crevice-free design of internals
    • Standard elastomer bellows for protection of the hard to clean parts
    • Self-draining body design, avoids residues and reduces corrosion
    • Use of FDA and USP VI compliant elastomers

    Automatic plant operation during production and cleaning

    • Optional pneumatic lifting device for cleaning in place (CIP) or sterilizing in place (SIP)
    • Optional proximity switch to indicate the operating condition of the valve
    • Self-draining body design and aseptic O-ring disc with bellows (HyTight Assembly) assure a cleanable outlet of the valve

    Ease of plant design, installation and operation

    • Variety of capacities and versions to fit any application
    • Multiple choice of sanitary connections
    • Single trim for steam, gas and liquid for less spare parts and easier maintenance
    • Outlet chamber sealed from bonnet by EPDM bellows
    • Crevice-free fastening of all elastomer parts
    • Exposed, rinsed O-rings
    • No bacteria traps or contamination
  • Options

    LESER – Clean Service Safety Valves can be individually adapted to the operating conditions with accessories, for example:

    • Special connections specified by the customer for optimised adaptation to the plant
    • HyTight Assembly for superior tightness
    • Every part can be replaced by other material acc. customer specification
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