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Choke Valves

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Taylor MC Series Choke Valve

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Taylor MC Series Choke Valve


DN25 - DN80 (1" - 3")
NPT Threaded & ANSI Flanged

Body Material

316 Stainless Steel

Operating Conditions


  • Features

    The MC Series pressure and flow control valves feature a superior design for unequaled throttling and accuracy. Unique sealing and fluid flow dynamics permit compliance with current environmental (FTE) requirements.

    MC Series Features Include:

    Accurate Control – 90 degree rotation from Full Off to Full On

    Bolted Body – Body is constructed with two bolted segments, avoiding the risk of corrosion, cross threading, galling of threaded type valve assemblies.

    Extended Mean Time Between Service – Robust design and liberal application of hardened materials, efficient flow-geometry means the valves offer maximum production potential and minimum service requirements.

    Easy Maintenance – Choke valves are designed to provide simple straightforward disassembly with no special tooling or fixtures.

    Optional Features – Choke valves can have trims and actuators custom designed for specific requirements, such as, special trims for noise reduction and sand control, several trims are available to accommodate high pressure flows or minimum pressure loss applications.


    • Well Site Automation
    • Water Injection Control Valve
    • CO2 Injection Control Valve
    • Pump Bypass
    • Pump Startup
    • Gas Lift Injection Control
    • Blow Down and Dump Valve
    • Steam Injection
    • Throttling Valve
    • High DP Valve
    • Motor Operated Valve