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Taylor Gauge Plug & Probe

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Taylor Gauge Plug & Probe


DN8 & DN15 (1/4" & 1/2")
Threaded NPT


Up to 5000 PSIG


316SS & 2205 Duplex

  • Applications

    The Taylor 1600 Series Gauge Plug & Probe system allows for..

    • Troubleshooting complicated hydraulic or pneumatic circuits during operation without breaking pressure in lines.
    • Sampling line fluids in seconds.
    • Gauging corrosive fluids or sour gas with safety.
    • Calibrating or test the accuracy of fixed pressure gauges or meters.
  • Features

    The 1600 Series hosts the following features:

    • Seal is bubble tight.
    • Metal to metal seat plus elastomer seal.
    • All Stainless Steel construction.
    • Take pressure readings in seconds.
    • Mesh screen filters debris which eliminates potential clogs.
    • The probe does not need lubricant prior to probing.
    • Reduced chance of gauge loss due to theft or vandalism.
    • Eliminates excessive wear on expensive, delicate gauges due to harsh environments, vibration, pressure pulsation or mechanical shock.
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